Advantages of Owning A Home With No HOA – No Homeowners Association

Advantages of Owning A Home With No HOA – No Homeowners Association

The advantages of owning a home with no HOA or homeowner’s association are many.  Recently we talked to a client of ours, and he discussed why a subdivision without a homeowner’s association worked so well for him.  Our client was transferred by his company that suddenly downsized. When that happened, he lost his job and position.  Being over 50, he had to find a new employment.  Job opportunities were limited. The jobs he found usually meant a lower pay rate, more hours, was farther away from home, or he had to go back to school out of state for a few weeks to learn the new company culture.  That wasn’t much of an opportunity.  Then it dawned on him. The only viable opportunity was to work for himself.

He could do that, and in a field that would encompassed his life’s talents, but he would have to make some changes. That meant he would have to live where it would accommodate his new career. He had to say goodbye to his subdivision that boasted high-end amenities into something without an HOA. He soon discovered some other ways to earn and/or save money – No HOA Fees!  He decided to work at a place he knew he’d never be downsized – he could work right from his own home.  Our client now owns his own repairman company. 

That wouldn’t be possible in his old subdivision in Alpharetta because he couldn’t park a commercial vehicle on his property.  He also couldn’t store his huge amount of tools, ladders, and supplies in his garage and leave his cars out overnight or park his vehicle on the street.  He sometimes met clients at his house to show them some samples; again, no can do with an HOA. As his business grew, his storage needs did as well and again, storage out-buildings were not a problem to add.  He preferred to hang out and air things sometimes on a clothesline while he tends a small garden that would have also not been allowed.

Disadvantages of Owning a Home with a HOA  – Homeowners Association:

  1. You may not be able to rent the home out.
  2. The right to rent your home or property may have a grandfather clause.
  3. You may have to get neighbors or an architectural committee approval for structural changes or additions to your property.
  4. You may have to get neighbors, or an architectural committee approval paint your home or property.
  5. You may not be allowed to park cars on the street in front of your home or may be limited to a number of cars.
  6. You may be advised to remove wreaths or flags.
  7. You may not be allowed to park commercial vehicles on our own property.
  8. No clotheslines allowed.
  9. Fence style and paint colors may be restricted to a limited or finite choice.
  10. Mailboxes must come from a certain vendor for a particular style or pre-chosen design.
  11. You may be required to cut your grass when it reaches a certain height.
  12. You may be fined for non-compliance by the HOA for any infraction deemed to be in violation of the restrictive rules and covenants.
  13. The community may have age restrictions or occupancy limitations.


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