Home Inspections Saves You Money

Home Inspections Saves You Money 

By Angelina Brown (Guest Columnist)

Home inspections saves you money. It is pretty obvious that when you find your perfect dream home with that unbeatable price tag, you might be ready to invest your life’s earnings on it. But hey, don’t rush into it!  At least not before you have an objective pair of eyes scrutinize the property so that your dream doesn’t transform into a nightmare. At first glance everything looks perfect, but before you start calculating your mortgage affordability with a mortgage calculator, you need to get your home inspected by a professional that can offer you a full assessment of the new home from the foundation to the roof. When you get your home inspected, you also get the peace of mind that you don’t have to shell your dollars on unexpected repairs immediately after you move in.

As per the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, through a home inspection, the buyers are offered an unbiased assessment of the physical state of their home, such as the construction and mechanical systems or the structure of the property. The home inspectors also identify items that are required to be repaired and offer some more estimates about the house so that you don’t delay while getting a home mortgage loan insured by the FHA or from the VA.

A vital checklist for home inspection

Here are some vital checklists that you should consider before you allow a home inspection in your property.

  • Before you hire a licensed inspector, you should inspect the house yourself for any signs of potential disasters, like leaky roofs, signs of water entry or drainage issues.
  • They will determine the condition of the home, the electrical system and check the home mechanics, and even the water pressure.
  • Review the seller’s property disclosure; make sure it’s complete and accurate.
  • Check the age of appliances and  make sure they are in proper working order, , the ventilation, heat and air conditioning system and also the water heater.
  • Always hire an experienced and certified professional that will inspect all items thoroughly so all items are covered when you requests for repairs.

Is a home inspection really necessary for getting an FHA or VA loan?

Put it this way, inspections are for home buyers the way an appraisal is for a lender.  It is about peace of mind. So when you’re trying to take out a mortgage loan to purchase a home… first get your real estate property inspected through a home inspector. Don’t be surprised or caught off guard!  Take into account the above mentioned points so that you don’t won’t have any unexpected expenses in the long run due to poor condition of your property you’ve overlooked by not having the home inspected.

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