What to Do When Your Homes Listing Expires

What to Do When Your Homes Listing Expires – Atlanta Real Estate

What to Do When Your Homes MLS Listing Expires in Atlanta?  Hire the best Atlanta real estate agent! Free real estate tips and insights to sell your home.

Atlanta expired listings how to sellWhat to Do When Your Homes Real Estate Listing Expires in Atlanta?  Hire the best Atlanta real estate agent!  There are many reasons a home expires in Atlanta: price, appearance, lack of marketing, wrong time of the year, bad listing photos, no listing photos, the home was listed wrong in the MLS listing services etc.  There is enough blame to spread around for years.  The problem is now perception.  In the eyes of the public and Atlanta real estate agents an Atlanta expired home listings are damaged goods.  In their mind your home now has issues. 

The questions many Atlanta buyers and agents will ask themselves when they consider buying an Atlanta expired listing…was there a structural issue, did the home have termites or maybe there was just too much work to be done?  Most agents and buyers will pass on seeing an expired listing.  They would prefer to view only Atlanta new listings just on the market. They do not want to look at leftovers!  Whatever the false beliefs may be, those buyers and agents that saw your home are not coming back.  To sell your home in Atlanta, you will now have to pitch your home to a totally new set of buyers, and agents.  That’s been our experience in the Atlanta market since we’ve worked it since 1993. Using the same agent again…trying the same stale marketing strategies repeatedly and expecting different results the next time is a definition of insanity!  The reality is that you’ll need a new approach – a fresh perspective and insights to sell your home.

To begin the process – your new Atlanta listing agent will need to ask you some questions.  They’ll need to get an overview of the marketing history of your home.  When that is accomplished, they will be able to share their insights and some marketing strategies so you can overcome the obstacles that are impeding the sale of your home.  Do not be alarmed!  This is an objective look that will first enumerate and then prioritize the issues that need to be addressed.  Do not take their findings personal.  Remember they are working for you!

When Your Atlanta Homes Real Estate Listing Expired

  1. How long was it on the market?
  2. How many times was it on the market? With different agents?
  3. How many shows did your home receive when it was listed?
  4. Did your property have restrictive showings?   Appointment only, or certain times?
  5. What was the feedback if any you received?
  6. Did you address any of those issues?
  7. Did you get any showing when your home was listed?
  8. Did you receive any offers when your home was listed?
  9. Were any bad offers turned down?
  10. How well did your home show when it was listed?
  11. What was done to prepare the home for sale?
  12. Were you given advice on how to best sell and market your home?
  13. Did you neutralize your homes colors?
  14. How did you arrive at the listing price with the previous agent(s)?
  15. Were you present at all showings?

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